Interactive National Legislation Tool

EU Dog & Cat Alliance launches interactive National Legislation Tool

The EU Dog & Cat Alliance has today launched a #DrawYourOwnConclusions campaign to highlight the gaps between EU countries in national legislation protecting dogs and cats

Gaps exist in legislation on microchipping and registration, breeding, and the sale and advertising of cats and dogs

The EU Dog & Cat Alliance has today launched its #DrawYourOwnConclusions campaign and a new interactive National Legislation Tool, which details legislation on the welfare of dogs and cats in commercial practices across EU Member States.

Developed in response to research by the Alliance into the differences between each EU Member State’s national legislation, the tool allows users to compare countries, and reveals gaps in regulation.

The EU Dog & Cat Alliance, which comprises 96 organisations from 25 EU Member States and the UK, presented the National Legislation Tool to EU-level stakeholders during an online event today, entitled “Close the gap - Disparity in Member States' regulation of dog and cat breeding and sales”. The event was attended by animal health and welfare organisations and EU policymakers.

Chair of the Alliance, Suzie Carley, opened the event with an overview of the Alliance’s research findings, which demonstrate the disparity in national legislation across Member States and show the need for aligned laws. Key findings included:

  • While almost all EU countries have a nationwide requirement for microchipping of dogs and registration of their microchip number in a database, this is only required for cats in a third of EU Member States;
  • Only two thirds of Member States require registration of all dog and cat breeders, regardless of number of litters per year, or number of breeding dogs and cats kept;
  • Just a quarter of Member States have specific regulation of online advertising of dogs and cats.

Ms Carley was joined by guest speakers Andrea Gavinelli, Head of the Animal Welfare and Antimicrobial Resistance unit in the European Commission’s DG SANTE, Petras Auštrevičius MEP, Chair of the European Parliament’s Working Group on Companion Animals, and Gabriella Markus of Veterinarians for Animal Protection Foundation in Hungary.

The Alliance is calling for more robust EU-wide legislation, including compulsory identification and registration of dogs and cats on a database linked to a central EU database, compulsory licensing of dog and cat breeders, a ban on the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops and controls on the internet trade of dogs and cats.

Suzie Carley, Chair of the EU Dog & Cat Alliance said,

“It is clear that there is a wide variation in national legislation on dog and cat welfare across EU countries and action is needed to ensure this improves.

“I am delighted to announce the launch of our latest National Legislation Tool, which allows users to compare dog and cat welfare legislation of EU Member States seamlessly.

“This body of research is a vital resource to demonstrate the current gaps in national legislation.

“The enthusiasm and support shown by members of the Alliance and key stakeholders for our research is incredibly motivating and demonstrates the appetite for greater protection of dog and cat welfare across the EU.”

To join the conversation, use #DrawYourOwnConclusions

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