Q: Sophie Montel (NI, FR) - Animal abuse — Spanish greyhounds (2014-09-14)

Q: Sophie Montel (NI, FR) -  Animal abuse — Spanish greyhounds (2014-09-14)

Whereas in France it is illegal to use greyhounds (listed as breed group 10 dogs) for hunting, in Spain they are used both for hunting and for racing in greyhound stadiums. For many years now, at the urging of greyhound protection groups, the media has reported the torture to which these animals are subjected in Spain. In many cases, greyhounds are maltreated (burned, beaten, and starved), abandoned in hellish dog pounds or hanged to death by owners who no longer consider them profitable, all of which goes completely unpunished.

1. How many thousands of greyhounds are tortured every year in Spain?

2. Does the Commission propose to put an end to these confirmed instances of animal abuse, by classifying greyhounds as companion animals in all EU Member States? This would afford real protection and control and would effectively reduce all forms of abuse (maltreatment, overbreeding, trafficking, etc).

A: Mr Andriukaitis on behalf of the Commission (2014-11-28)

The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answers to written questions E-010625/2010, E-000841/2011, E001043/2011, E-009212/2011, E-010202/2012, E-005475/2013 and E-001003/2014 which address the issues of greyhounds and the EU competence on this matter.

The number of maltreated greyhounds in Spain is not known to the Commission.

The current EU legislation does not define companion animals. Dogs are regarded as pet animals within the meaning of the Union legislation concerning the animal health requirements relating to the non-commercial movement of pet animals.